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#45: Thank you & Good Riddance

Laurie Ure LICSW
4 min readJan 20, 2021


As we arrive at this moment, bidding adieu to #45, and Welcome to #46!, I take the advice of our new President Biden, who said that in order to heal we must remember. As I remember and reflect over the past 4 years, I say thank you to some things from #45.

Thank you for not using your access to the nuclear codes to blow the world to smithereens.

Thank you for resisting your urge to engage directly with volatile leaders from other nations, provoking them to attack us.

Thank you for inciting your followers to violence in such a clear way that even Mitch McConnell (along with some other Republicans) now speaks out against you and those in your group. We can hope this will get you impeached so you can’t run for office again.

Thank you for your part in firing up voters in Georgia who elected Rapheal Warnock and Jon Ossoff (and thank you voters in Georgia and everyone who worked hard to help them vote!).

Thank you for showing us the true meaning of the swamp in Washington.

Thank you for uniting many people in this country against fascism, and in support of democracy.

Thank you for making clear that the greatest threat to our nation is white nationalism.



Laurie Ure LICSW

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