You’re not alone! An exercise from bioenergetic psychotherapy can help

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As life begins to return to normal, many people still experience high levels of anxiety and depression. For myself, I’ve had periods of strong emotions, along with a confusing contrast of wanting time alone and an urge to be around people. I learned that several of my friends felt this too, coupled with being more tired than usual and considering big life changes. Perhaps you are experiencing some of these symptoms as well.

With the shift of more people being vaccinated and COVID case rates generally dropping, we enter a new phase related to the collective traumatic stress of the…

This science-based approach to therapy explores the mind-body connection as a healing modality

Conceptual image of a woman with interstellar nebulae overlaid.
Conceptual image of a woman with interstellar nebulae overlaid.
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Modern psychotherapy generally occurs with the therapist and client sitting on chairs or on a couch. The client(s) talks about their problems, the therapist listens, asks questions, and offers insights.

While bioenergetic therapy starts in this way, it doesn’t end there. Bioenergetic therapists incorporate movement as part of the therapy. The movement includes exercises to be more connected to the ground, to open restricted breathing patterns, to practice asserting personal boundaries, and to express sometimes unpleasant or repressed emotions, safely and appropriately.

Rooted in awareness of the fundamental connection between mind and body, modern bioenergetic therapy offers an integrated approach…

How principles from bioenergetic therapy can inform your experience and give you clarity about setting your own boundaries

The words “Me” and “You” with circles around them, written in sand on the beach.
The words “Me” and “You” with circles around them, written in sand on the beach.
All photos by the author.

A friend recently asked me to look over an email conversation with her father. She wanted feedback about how to proceed in their relationship and asked for my opinion as an objective professional. She explained that she had told him in no uncertain terms that she did not want to get together in person. He persisted to pressure her on this.

I did not need to see the emails to advise her; she had asserted her limits clearly and he did not respect her limit. It was clear, she needed to make a stronger boundary. We discussed what that would…

A simple exercise from Bioenergetics can help, with a caveat

Ah, stress…! We are all too familiar with it, from the impacts of the pandemic, finances, racism, the political situation, etc. One of the ways stress affects people is muscle tension. Our bodies tense to brace against injury or attack. We also tense to hold back emotions or expressions we consider unpleasant or unacceptable. This tension generally happens unconsciously. While it is sometimes necessary to tense the muscles in the jaw to hold back emotions, doing it consistently can cause significant damage, such as with temporomandibular disorders (in the temporomandibular joint, incorrectly referred to as TMJ), grinding at night or…

Image by John Hain

As we arrive at this moment, bidding adieu to #45, and Welcome to #46!, I take the advice of our new President Biden, who said that in order to heal we must remember. As I remember and reflect over the past 4 years, I say thank you to some things from #45.

Thank you for not using your access to the nuclear codes to blow the world to smithereens.

Thank you for resisting your urge to engage directly with volatile leaders from other nations, provoking them to attack us.

Thank you for inciting your followers to violence in such a…

The labyrinth in my yard, next to my office. I walk this winding path often enough to the route. I knew to find it through the snow, walking with my women’s group, after an outdoor fire ritual on Dec 19.

A variety of events have recently coincided to signal a shift of energies. The solstice, marking the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere (and the longest day in the southern hemisphere), has just passed with the accompanying turn towards longer days and more light. The vaccine against the Coronavirus, produced in amazing speed, gives reason to be hopeful about a shift from this issue. The new administration in the US, to be inaugurated on Jan 21, will bring a different focus. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was a significant astrological and astronomical event around the…

a serving of disappointment, a side of relief, a cup of conflict & a heap of anxiety

This holiday season brings a variety of new feelings and experiences for most of us. With the surging virus rates, traditional holiday plans require shifts and changes. For many people, this may bring the next in a series of disappointments in 2020, along with canceled weddings, graduations, trips, classes, reunions, etc. Others may experience relief at having an excuse to get out of gatherings they dread. Family conflicts are at an all time high, while anxiety about a variety of things impacts almost everyone.

Disappointment falls in the category of feelings that no one likes. We feel it when external…

You are not alone!

Post Election Traumatic Stress (PETS) compares to PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), but since it is pervasive and a normal response rather than a “disorder” I leave the D off. One could debate if it is comparable to PTSD as one of the key components of PTSD is life-threatening stress — either for yourself or for someone you witness. …

June Viavant, with a beloved dog friend, hiking in the Escalante Canyon,1980s

Lessons from the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

To people who supported the former president due to concern for their financial situation — the stock market, IRAs or general prosperity, I ask you to consider this: the price tag of the policy of dominance extolled by the president trumps the financial benefit any of us could gain. Something exists which is ultimately more precious, more valuable, more sacred than stockpiles of money. This something is at risk in the former president’s focus on dominance. A story from my family history about the wild lands of Utah illuminates my point.

On Feb 6, 2020 a news flash appeared on…

Laurie Ure

I practice as a Bioenergetic Psychotherapist in Gloucester, MA. I teach, give workshops and speak on topics related to body based therapy.

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