Saving Sacred Lands — the Grand Staircase Escalante

Scene of June Viavant in the 1970’s at Escalante Canyon
June Viavant at the Escalante Canyon in the 1970’s. Photo provided by Tim Viavant

Four lessons from Simone Biles about trauma and life

Wikimedia (CC BY 2.0)

Your fear may have an important message for you. Paying attention to it doesn’t mean you let it stop you from doing things you want to do.

A person touching a cat’s paw with their palm, in a gesture of tenderness.
Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash

You’re not alone! An exercise from bioenergetic psychotherapy can help

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

This science-based approach to therapy explores the mind-body connection as a healing modality

Conceptual image of a woman with interstellar nebulae overlaid.
Image credit: metamorworks.

How principles from bioenergetic therapy can inform your experience and give you clarity about setting your own boundaries

The words “Me” and “You” with circles around them, written in sand on the beach.
All photos by the author.

A simple exercise from Bioenergetics can help, with a caveat

Image by John Hain

The labyrinth in my yard, next to my office. I walk this winding path often enough to the route. I knew to find it through the snow, walking with my women’s group, after an outdoor fire ritual on Dec 19.

a serving of disappointment, a side of relief, a cup of conflict & a heap of anxiety

Laurie Ure LICSW

Bioenergetic Psychotherapist. Passionately integrating body & mind in psychotherapy. Speaker, trainer, author. Email list, twitter @laurie_ure

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